About My Labs

My Labs has always prided itself on offering the best quality on the market for the most competitive price. Providing a better clinical outcome for patients is a significant driver of company policy.

My Labs specialises in a comprehensive range of diagnostic solutions covering various fields of Pathology, Bio-Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Immunology, Serology, Bacteriology, Radiology, Cardiology, and a range of other sections of medicine.

At My Labs, we understand the requirements of the patient and the Clinician, and we have endeavoured to provide the best possible solutions continually. Our professional approach and commitment to quality ensure that the test is performed without any time or cost overruns, striving different kinds of services for valuable time.  Our service spans not just the twin cities but also by various health experts all across the state for its reliability.

Challenging the limits of traditional diagnostics, My Labs moves in the direction of bringing the most modern innovation accessible. New generation techniques like Cytogenetics, Molecular Biology, Genomics, and Molecular Pathology will now be more readily available at optimum costs.

To pioneer developments in diagnostic exploration and to carry modern methods closer to the common man. To the modish era demands, we prefaced IT framework flawlessly integrated with client-friendly mobile applications to store and download results, data analytics to deliver value-added services like result trends comparison.

At the very core of My Labs philosophy is pure and whole client focus. Everything we do will assure that we place patients at the very centre of care. We look to guide in a new age of medicine that aids reduce the time a patient spends in emergency clinic, lessens recovery time and exponentially increases the success rate of recuperation.

At My Labs, geographies will remain to be allied by technologies – and also by the core philosophy of Honest, Moral, and Patient-centric system.


My Labs provide the world-class clinical diagnostics to a developing populace of patients, My Labs is now a valuable solution provider for every type of medical test that needs to conducted to increase quality medical care for a healthy living.

Through the blend of logical initiative, we make an iconic pathology rehearse and be the diagnostics provider of decision.

Mission Statement:

To achieve global recognition as a provider of life science technology solutions to patients and clients by leveraging our core strengths. Our mission is to empower decision making that saves and improves humankind.


Our focus has always been to understand and analyse the diagnostic needs and cater to public in the hour of need in minimal time by offering every service under one roof at an affordable price and the value for money. We generally work the two different ways in helping doctors and the patients to find potential solutions.Strength: With strong support and professional management, My Labs reserves a prominent position for itself among the fraternity. We focused on quality and the persistent quest for excellence. This has rendered the organisation its unique brand image in the medical industry.

By working in the global highly competitive environment, My Labs has gained invaluable expertise and experience in various scientific areas.


Tools & Technology: My Labs central processing unit at Hyderabad is a spacious laboratory centre, and the sophisticated infrastructure with an array of advanced workstations, cutting edge computing and network systems, power-packed online servers. Our services are never more than a telephone call away, thanks to a dedicated helpline.

Staff: A flexible number of highly trained, professional, and skilled technical team, using state-of-the-art instruments is available to meet challenging demands at a far lower cost. Our team of specialists with relevant domain knowledge has an intimate understanding of the life sciences.

My Labs facilitates several training schedules for its staff in various fields in making this one place a competent solution provider to answer any diagnostic need.

Every person at My Labs is handpicked for their technical skills as for their personality and service motivation. Positive in thinking and always willing to solve your problem to its end.

My Labs brings all the advantages of focused scientific technology services, organisation upheld by the specialists, researchers, qualified and skilled experts and the board abilities of this gathering. Its journey for knowledge to move up to the most recent makes it an innovator in its services.